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Jackie Treitz

Los Angeles-based Jackie Treitz has a long-standing love affair with design; the Toronto native studied Interior Design and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at the Academy of Design, and cut her teeth in publishing, crafting editorials for Canadian House & Home and at California Style Magazine. She has long been the go-to for invites and notecards for family and friends, but it wasn’t until her own wedding that she realized her hobby was more than just a fling; prioritizing the hunt for the perfect vintage stamps and eggshell-colored envelope liners over dress fittings. Soon after getting married Jackie made another leap, and opened The Paper Bakery; a design collective that marries her passion for packaging and all things typographic under one stylishly wrapped rooftop, where everything from corporate branding to personalized stationery coexists.

The Mix

You may have guessed by now that The Paper Bakery is not, in fact, a bakery. (Well, not as you know it.) We are a one-stop-shop for personal, thoughtfully crafted and customized design specializing in branding and paper goods. Our offerings include—but are not limited to—logos, style guides, web design, pitch decks, social templates, business cards and design consultations. Like the boulangerie you wish you had around the corner, we aim to bring a sense of neighborhoodly service, warmth, and consistency to our endeavor, appealing to your tastes  with something fresh and deliciously on-point, whatever the occasion.

The Recipe

When inquiring about our design services, please fill us in on the basics, be it your Pinterest inspo or business deck. We are located in Los Angeles, but have worked with clients all over the world and are happy to rendezvous online.

Kitchen Rules

1. A house is not a home without chocolate
2. Extra points for puns
3. You can never own too many bowls
4. Gold is a neutral
5. Baked goods must be tied in twine
6. “Please no gifts” is not allowed
7. Nice people water the Fiddle Leaf Ficus
8. In Massimo Vitali we trust
9. Beautiful teeth trump muscles
10. Typographic aptitude is next to godliness
11. Carbs are good for the soul
12. Smiles are free

13. Never. Enough. Wrapping paper

14. Greeting cards. Need we say more?

15. Must. Love. Dogs.

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